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Akon Uniform

Please read all sections below before adding to cart.

Ear Piece

Ear Piece

Only purchase if you require a replacement Ear Piece and have already been issued your first Ear Piece for free. If you have not yet been issued your first Ear Piece, please either purchase the FREE New Starter Pack (containing 1 Tie, 1 Retevis Earpiece and 1 Motorola Earpiece) or contact the Operations Team should you not require the whole pack. 


You have the choice of purchasing either:

  • Retevis Earpiece (Available in D-Ring or In-Ear)
  • Motorola Earpiece (Available in D-Ring or In-Ear)

This is due to the fact that we currently use two different types of radio depending on which site you are working at. The Motorola Earpiece is currently used for sites in town, whilst the Retevis Earpiece is used at The Venue Nightclub. If you are ever unsure about which earpiece you need for your shift, please check with the Operations Team.  


Once ordered, all items are available for immediate collection from the Office. 

If you need to collect an item outside of our usual hours (9am - 5pm Mon - Fri), please call the Operations Team to check that someone will be available.

  • Payment Method

    Please choose one of the following options and enter your chosen payment method in the 'Custom Text' section:


    • Wage Deduction
    • Split in 3 payments

    Contactless: Payment will be taken via a card reader on collection of your item.

    Deduction: The total cost of the item will be deducted from your next wage.

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