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Freshers Nightlife Guide

How to keep safe and avoid any interruptions on your night out.

Our pubs and clubs have varied entry policies which can be an unexpected surprise for the unaware party goer. We understand these surprises can upset plans; this guide will hopefully minimize any confusion and greatly increase your chances of having a smooth and enjoyable night out.

Plan ahead:

Follow us and your favourite venues on social media for the latest updates and advice on entry times. Take advantage of ‘Early bird’ entry deals, miss the queues, and avoid entry costs. Book a taxi before you leave and try to limit your time spent on the streets after hours. Ensure everyone in your group has a valid form of ID (passport or driving licence) to avoid any problems. Don’t forget your student ID too!

Good vibes:

Dress smart casual when possible, different venues operate different levels of dress codes. However, presenting yourself well and maintaining a pleasant demeanour will always help ensure everyone has a good night. Try to avoid pre-drinks or drinking in the streets. We want you to enjoy your night inside our venues.Our door supervisors and stewards are your first point of call should you have any concerns or need some advice. Our door supervisors will always be happy to help, and we’ll even call you a taxi.

Don't leave a friend in need:

Whist taking responsibility for yourself, don’t forget to keep an eye on your friends and their welfare. Canterbury has Street Pastors who time and provide support in the best way they can. See their advice hereIf you have any concerns during your night out, let one of our door supervisors know; we can provide help and support where needed, and can advise on support services available should they be needed.

Stay safe:

If you have any issues during your night, inform your nearest AKON door supervisor as soon as possible – even if you’re not in an AKON venue, please always feel welcome to approach our door supervisors. Our door supervisors wear body worn video cameras to capture any incident which may take place and ensures that any evidence can be captured. Additionally, as AKON security provide door staff to the majority of venues within Canterbury, our door supervisors are able to inform each other of anyone who is expressing a bad attitude and refuse them entry – making sure your night is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Ask for Angela:

Ask for Angela is a national campaign to support people feeling unsafe on a night out, whether on a date or out with friends. A simple codeword ‘Angela’ can be said to bar staff, venue management, or security who can take appropriate actions to take the individual away from the situation and ensure their safety, all in a discreet manner.

Keeping Covid safe:

During the recent pandemic, it is important to maintain social distancing, wear masks where possible, and to ensure you are regularly using hand sanitiser. It is important to keep up to date with the latest government guidelines to keep yourself, your friends, and others safe.

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