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Getting started with C247


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In April 2024, AKON Security will be moving from its existing staff management software PARiM to a new platform called C247. This page has been created to support staff through the change; here you can find support guides, videos, and other information about the transition process. 

Why are we changing?

The document below outlines some of the reasons we are changing platforms, and reassures staff that this is not a decision which has been taken lightly. Please take time to read the document linked below. 

Downloading the app

If you haven't already, please install the C247 app via the following button, depending on which device you have: 

Logging in for the first time

When logging in for the first time, the easiest way will be to

  1. Open the app

  2. Enter your mobile number

  3. Click 'Forgotten Pin' (you will only need to do this for your first time logging in)

  4. You will then be sent a new pin via text message

  5. Type this new pin in the PIN box

  6. Click 'remember me' so the app remembers your login details

  7. Then click 'Login' 


Click the button below to view the full how-to guide. There's also a video here to walk you through the process. 

Accepting your first shift

When you login for the first time, there may be shifts on your schedule; don't panic if there is not, these will be sent to you in due course. Click the button below for a full how-to guide,  or watch the video here. 

Booking On and Off

To book on (clock in) to a shift:

  1. Go to Schedule

  2. Click on the shift you want to book on to, options will appear

  3. Click 'book on',

  4. Take a selfie

  5. Click 'Ok' on the pop up boxes

  6. You should receive a successful book on message. 

This process to book off is the same, just select 'Book Off' in the options that pop up. 

Next steps... 

Now you're logged in, please take time to familiarise yourself with the app. Also, please ensure all your details are up to date including addresses, emergency contacts, etc. Click the button to access the full help guide. 

Additional support

If you have any issues which cannot be solved with the help guide, please contact Ben via WhatsApp on 07785 804 378. Alternatively, you can contact C247 directly on 0800 955 2472. 

01227 469 198

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