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Akon Uniform

Please read all sections below before adding to cart.

FREE New Starter Pack: Earpiece, Tie & Notepad

FREE New Starter Pack: Earpiece, Tie & Notepad

If you only require the tie or the earpiece separately/ you do not need the whole new start pack and have not yet been issued this item for free - Please contact the Operations Team who can fulfill the order for you. 


Your pack will contain:

1 x Black Clip-On Tie

1 x Retevis Earpiece

1 x Pocket Notepad.

This is because we currently use two different types of radio depending on which site you are working at. The Motorola Earpiece is currently used for sites in town, whilst the Retevis Earpiece is used at The Venue Nightclub. If you are ever unsure about which earpiece you need for your shift, please check with the Operations Team.  


Choose your style of earpiece: (Pictured from left to right: D-Ring, In-Ear, G-Ring)


Once ordered, all items are available for immediate collection from the Office. 

If you need to collect an item outside of our usual hours (9am - 5pm Mon - Fri), please call the Operations Team to check that someone will be available.

  • Payment Method

    This pack is free of charge, however, the Tie remains the property of the company. When you end your contract with Akon Security Services Ltd, you must return the item in good condition. If the item is not returned or is returned in a condition that is not within fair wear and tear, you will be charged a fee of £10. 

  • Replacement

    If you require another earpiece or tie at any time during your employment with Akon Security i.e. you lose the item or forget to bring it to your shift, you will be required to purchase a new one. Both the Tie and Earpiece are purchasable via the online store under 'Replacement'. 

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