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Door Supervisors join effort to keep the city safe

The new City Response Team jacket

The new City Response Team jacket

The City Response Team

Our team featured in the news this week, most notably the Kentish Gazette. Despite being called 'bouncers' *cringe*, we were happy to show off our new jackets. The jackets will allow our Door Supervisors to be a more visible presence on the streets between our venues. The patrolling has been a big part of Akon's success, with direct link the DistrictWatch and our mobile CCTV cameras. Whilst our presence on the streets has been current throughout the past 8 years, it is only with the release of the jacket that interest has gained.

"I move between the venues and report what happens. Hopefully, we can deter crimes or stop them escalating..."

Come and say hello if you see us out and about!