Get In & Stay In

Our guide to an unhindered night out in Canterbury

Different clubs and pubs have varied entry policies which can be a minefield for the unaware party goer. We understand this can upset plans, this guide will hopefully minimise confusion and greatly increase your chances of having a smooth sailing night.


Plan Ahead

Follow us and your favourite venues on social media for the latest updates and advice on entry times. Take advantage of "Early Bird" entry deals, miss the queues and avoid entry costs. Book a taxi before you leave and try to minimise your time on the streets after hours. Ensure everyone in your party has a valid form of ID (passport or driving license) to avoid any problems.

doorman kent.jpg

Good Vibes

Dress smart casual when possible, different venues operate dress codes. However, presenting yourself well and maintaining a pleasant approach will always help ensure everyone has a good night.Try to avoid pre-drinks or drinking in the streets. We want you to enjoy your night inside our venues. Our Door Staff are your first point of call should you have any questions or need some advice. Come say hello, we can even help you call a taxi.


Stay Safe

If you have any issues during your night, inform your nearest Akon Door Supervisor as soon as possible. Let us intervene and control any issues so you are free to enjoy your evening. We always try to be proactive to prevent issues from arising. Our trained staff wear Body Mounted CCTV cameras to record our evenings, this ensures a high quality of service and allows us to keep track of anyone with bad attitudes to prevent them from interfering with your night.